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Real Time Facts, Figures & Forecast

Farm Prophet

Financial Management Services

Ask yourself — Am I  just managing information ... or am I using the information to manage?

Know and understand your true cost of production!

To efficiently manage a farms operation it requires both sound record keeping and analysis.

Having a clear picture of your operation's financials is invaluable. Understanding your performance in the past will drive the decisions you make today and into the future.

Farm Prophet?

Farm Prophet’s passion is to help your farm improve its current situation and to become more profitable. It starts with our tag line:



"Real Time Facts, Figures & Forecast"



We believe you need to get better before you get bigger. Partnering to lighten your load is the right thing to do.




We’ll work directly with you and help with collecting, compiling, reviewing and preparing your records. We meticulously analyze your operation’s financial reports—and discuss them with you. We will go over them to ensure you understand your operation's financial position in regards   to:

  • Profitability

  • Efficiency

  • Liquidity

  • Solvency

  • Lending Needs

  • Budgeting



Farm Prophet

Farm Prophet Managing Partners and staff possess the technical expertise and market knowledge from actually working in the AG production and AG finance industries. We are committed to an in-depth understanding of each clients operation economics.

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