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"True business leadership begins by meeting individuals where they are at, identifying and systematically removing roadblocks to their success. Effective training and development ignites teams and emerging leaders to better realize their future with an organization and increases commitment. This is how a company differentiates itself in the marketplace and impacts the bottom line. This is where sustainable success comes into view and this is how I work."

- Steven J. Bach

Steve Bach has held senior executive positions with rural banking operations for nearly two decades. He has been responsible for portfolios ranging from $30M to $85M in addition to driving up to $25M in increased assets, managing credit risk and building relationships with key accounts and corporate partners.


His deep background in banking and directing the fiscal health and market leadership in production agriculture operations has earned him respect in the agricultural and food industries, as well as the banking and finance world.

Responsible for complete portfolio transformations, Steve has personally handled the successful turnaround of troubled loans and reduced risk-rated credits throughout his career. Steve's genuine approach to identifying and solving client problems accelerated his advancement as did his strengths establishing strong relationships in and outside the office. A seasoned leader with a strong coaching management style, Steve's ability to train and mentor emerging leaders has been at the core of his career from the start.

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