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Our Services

Through gaining a firsthand understanding of your farming business we aim to assist you in managing your business in the most efficient manner possible.

By enhancing the understanding and knowledge of a farm business, both from a production and financial perspective, you will learn how the two areas interrelate and impact each other based on decisions made. 

Discover ways to…

  • Establish strengths that would set a farm business apart from its peers. 

  • Determine cost of production (used in conjunction with Management Accounting Guidelines for Agriculture). 

  • Gain a better understanding of financial measures used by lenders to evaluate financial position and performance and learn how to calculate and interpret the measures. 

To set financial goals and establish action plans you need accurate data – that’s where Farm Prophet can help!

We’ll help you compile the data your operation needs to...

  • Build on a foundation with a thorough review and preparation of your financial data through our accounting services.

  • Make better informed and timely decisions by combining your production, accounting, and inventory control into a comprehensive database.

  • Manage your business efficiently through gaining a firsthand understanding of your farming business.

  • Optimize and effectively manage resources by providing accurate, real time production and financial records to support your decisions as you work toward greater efficieny  and profitability. 

  • Enhance profitability in different agricultural economic cycles by improving accuracy of financial statements used to report financial position and performance to benefit decision making.

  • Attract and obtain borrowed funds and retain lender relationships during more challenging periods, with accurate financial statements prepared to present to lenders, regardless of the cause.

  • Source the most appropriate financing for their business. This involves assessing the requirement, the best way to structure the finance and the most efficient way of obtaining the finance.

  • Understand deferred income tax liability for the farm business.

We maintain regular contact and professional relations with our customers financial institutions.

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